United in Science

The report United in Science from the Science Advisory Group to UN Climate Action Summit 2019 is mandatory (albeit very depressing) reading.

Some key messages:

  • Global warming is already very noticeable and happening faster than expected.
  • Emissions from fossil fuel continue to increase.
  • Increases in the concentrations of greenhouse gases continue to accelerate.

I would be grateful to anyone who finds some positive news in this report, because I failed.

Please wake up! It is not about science and it has not been for the last 40 years. Problems are not solved by finding out more about them an writing reports. The simple truth is that we cannot burn fossil fuel anymore. So stop flying and stop buying!

One thought on “United in Science

  1. Thank you Henrik for drawing our attention to this report and for your comment. You are abolutely right. I will take part of it tomorrow in a university meeting where we will talk about necessary changes. Unfortunately the majority of people doesn’t see or doesn’t want to see the consequences of our behaviour. It needs resolute action and everyone of us can contribute. I hope politics and laws will follow.

    Best regards,

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