Global Carbon Pricing and Economic Growth

I have been invited to organize a conference track on carbon pricing at the the 7th RME Research Conference (Responsible Management Education) on October 18-21 2020 at the FHGR in Chur. We are looking for contributions that address the incompatibility of economic growth and climate protection:

The problem with climate change is not that renewable energy is too expensive, but that fossil fuel is too cheap. With current coal prices, the amount of coal required to exhaust the carbon budget of 330 Gt costs less than 7 trillion USD (< 10% of global GPD), or less than 1000 USD per capita. As science and technology are not going to make fossil fuel more expensive, it follows that solving the climate crisis is a political problem, which can only be solved through the introduction of significant global carbon pricing. Most likely, the required price level will be high enough to send the world economy into a long-lasting recession. This track will consider possible mechanisms for the introduction of global carbon pricing and its consequences on employment, technological development, quality of life and economic growth.

Please feel free to submit your contribution to this important topic using this link. The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2020. You can also contact me directly if you have any questions.

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