Let’s give young people something really useful this Christmas: hope!

The speech delivered by Greta Thunberg to the UN plenary at COP24 in Katowice was truly amazing. Not only does it take guts for a teenager to tell the world to grow up, she also made more sense than most politicians ever have. I am not the only one saying this. Here are some reactions on Twitter:

Naomi Klein: Ok Greta, you are officially a superhero.
Michael Mann: Thank you Greta — one person can indeed change the world…for the better. You are proving it. 
Kevin Anderson: On climate change @GretaThunberg demonstrates more clarity & leadership in one speech than a quarter of a century of the combined contributions of so called world leaders. Willful ignorance & lies have overseen a 65% rise in CO2 since 1990. Time to hand over the baton.

I was particularly impressed with her using the term emergency brake. The message could not be simpler: only if we are prepared to change our lives completely, our children will have a future. Very few people realize this. This is what makes the interview with Greta and her father so important.

We all know what we need to do. So, stop flying, stop buying, and change your eating habits. You will be happier, more relaxed, and have more time for important stuff. And you will give your children a chance to live. That would be an excellent Christmas gift and it wouldn’t cost you anything.

BTW, if you aren’t already convinced about the need to act, I can recommend this video.

I wish you all happy and relaxing holidays.

Climate Destruction – when do we pull the emergency brake?

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

(quotation often attributed to Abraham Lincoln)

Well, it appears that many people have finally realized that they are being lied to. This time, it was a young girl in Stockholm who – much like in the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes – pointed out the obvious: if we continue with business as usual, it really does not make sense for young people to go to school, invest in an education, or put money in pension funds. The school strike started by Greta Thunberg has received quite some media attention and inspired young people all over the world. I can recommend you all to read her statement.


Oops! It turns out that Limits to Growth was right after all. Unlimited economic growth is not possible on a finite planet and we have now reached or exceeded many of the planetary boundaries. Our children are now literally fighting for the lives. It is up to us – their parents – to decide which side we are on. For most people, this should be an easy choice.

Unfortunately, many people and almost all politicians continue to deny the obvious connection between the size of the economy and the rate of environmental destruction. As Greta Thunberg points out, global oil consumption recently passed 100 million barrels of oil per day. This ever-increasing oil consumption is caused by economic growth and it leads to environmental destruction.

Do we need to reduce the size of the economy to save humanity? Is water wet? Our refusal to accept the obvious makes us unable to implement even straightforward measures to avoid disaster. We know that every intercontinental flight emits hundreds of tons of CO2, which will remain in the atmosphere and heat the Earth for many centuries to come. Yet, we are not allowed to question whether all these flights are necessary. 50% of global emissions are caused by 10% of the world’s population. The rich are destroying the world.

We are now in state of Climate Emergency. If we act today, we might still save parts of the planet. If not, we will have abdicated our responsibility as parents and as civilized human beings. The time has come to pull the economic emergency brake and to cease unnecessary economic activity. So, if you love your children, you need to stop flying and stop buying. You should also join the environmental movement, because ten years from now it will be too late.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: global CO2 emissions soared to a new high in 2018.

PS. If you need an uplifting speech after all this misery, I can recommend Henry V. It is amazing what determined and brave people can accomplish.

Your (in-)actions have consequences

If it is not right, do not do it: if it is not true, do not say it. – Marcus Aurelius

After the military coup of Pinochet in 1973, a group of workers at the Rolls-Royce factory in East Kilbride, Scotland, refused to service aircraft engines belonging to the Chilean air force and left them out in the rain instead. In other words, they did the right thing and their actions were recognized and honored by the Chilean government in 2015.

This heartwarming story is a powerful reminder that our actions or inactions have consequences. We are all responsible for what we do. If something is wrong, don’t do it.

More information about the film can be found here: https://www.scottishdocinstitute.com/films/nae-pasaran-feature

The trailer is available here: https://vimeo.com/71027635